Best iPhone Apps for Teleworking

As a business owner, you dream of having more free time, more flexibility & walking your business from the comfort of… well, any place you could be; your home, the hotel room, the bar on the beach. iPhone made our dreams come true.

You know that your iPhone – or most Smartphones – can help you remotely run your business. But are you taking advantage of it? I only started a few months ago & this was by accident. Last May, I had an operation that was to keep me for at least three weeks with crutches, & most of the time lying in bed or on the couch. My iPad became my business partner.

Let me share with you what happened. I could not cease speaking to clients, prospects or suppliers for this long. So I converted my iPad in to the best business tool I could ever dreamt of. Quick forward a few months, I have got rid of my Blackberry & got my new iPhone. & do you know what? I have converted the iPhone in to another business partner.

Here are my best must-have apps for your iPhone, AKA Business Partner.

iMovie: generate short videos, quick & effectively.

SocialCam: Capture, share & view videos. Ideal for generating movies for your website.

WordPress: obviously, if your weblog or website makes use of it. For more help search Cool Electronic Gadgets.

LogMe in: The best tool ever! & it is free! It lets you access your computer remotely. You must install the application on your computer & leave it open (locked) in order to make use of it. I use it while on holiday, & in the coursework of my three weeks in bed.

Skype: , do I require to describe this?

Dropbox: Not positive how I lived before Dropbox. No more USB keys in my bag.

Grafio Lite: To generate pretty diagrams to describe ideas, flow charts, mind maps & more

Mobile OCR: Scan text & convert it in to a regular text

Noteshelf or Penultimate: to write notes on your iPhone

Myfax: online faxes sent directly to your iPhone

Type on PDF: I can add notes on PDF documents, highlight text & send to another app, print or e mail. For more help search

Slideshark: View & share PowerPoint presentation. This is the I use on my iPad each time I visit a client.

Keynote: Generate presentations on you iPad or iPhone. This is not a free app.

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