An EB-5 Visa Offers An Alternative For Immigrants

Most people want to know that what the opportunities available are, for immigrants who want to make a new home in the United States. A different program, the EB-5 Visa, is tailored to meet the needs of immigrants who wish to put down roots in America.

This program is specifically designed to provide permanent residence for individuals, couples and entire families with children under the age of 21. It can provide a green card within months of a successful application and lead to permanent residency and set the stage for eventual citizenship.

Potential immigrants to the United States have a number of programs at their disposal to use to gain legal entry to the U.S.A. But which programs are more useful. For those who desire permanent residency, the EB-5 immigrant investor Visa often makes the most sense. You can view details of eb-5 visa at .

An alternative- the E2 Visa will offer entry but it is a poor choice for those persons who want to reside for an indefinite period in U.S. When an E2 Visa holder retires or sells his or her business, the Visa status lapses. This means the investor will have to leave America otherwise they will not get all benefits. In the EB-5 program potential immigrants would invest at the very least $500,000 investment in a U.S. Government approved regional center.

An EB-5 Visa Offers An Alternative For Immigrants by
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