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Rick rack is a flat narrow braid woven in a zigzag form, used as a decorative trimming fad garment designs or in upholstery. It is commonly cotton or polyester and is applied by stitching it on the item or gluing it on the area.

Buttons are another thing that can be used as trimmings although they are commonly used as fasteners but since they come in different colors, shapes, sizes and materials they can be used creatively to enhance garment designs. Sometimes they can be places on seams to create emphasis or even used in exaggerated sizes on an area to create new designs.

Ruffles can be made of strips of frilled or closely pleated fabric, lace or ribbon tightly gathered on one edge and stitched or glued onto an item to form a decorative trim. They can also be used to make decorative designs on necklines arm wrists and some ancient caps. The other trim is a pass entry which is described as the mode of making elaborate edges where braid, embroidery or beads are used to form edges. The styles of pass entries are tassels (a series of winding thread or strings around a fabric strip or cord leaving some hanging) fringes and gimps. This trimming is mostly used in clothing such as military dress uniforms, decorating wedding gowns or lampshades.

Ribbons are beautiful strips that are self neatened and come in various types from satin single and double face ribbons, velvet ribbons polyester gross grain, organza ribbon and printed ribbon. They are used a lot in children and bridal clothes.

Whether you need a unique trim for, craft projects or garment design, the right trim gives a finished sewing project aesthetic value, neat finish and professionalism and gives a design that would be ordinarily boring an interesting twist. It generally emphasizes the form, shape or design details of a garment or fabric.

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