A Guide On Guitar Lead Techniques

There are many guitar lead techniques that can spice up your playing when it's time for a solo. Even if you don't have an interest in flashy playing, these techniques and tricks can give you new ideas for your songwriting. Here are a few of the most common techniques.

Learn hammer-ons and pull-offs. These two legato techniques can help your playing sound smoother. To do a hammer-on, pick one note and then sound the second note by hammering your finger on the next fret. For example, you'd play the fifth fret on the high E string and then place your middle finger on the 7th fret.

You only pick the first note! The weight of your middle finger will be enough to sound the second note. The reverse of this technique is a pull-off. You play the first note and then pull your finger away. You can  also check out websites like to fetch more information online.

Practice pinch harmonics to make your guitar squeal. Fret any note and pay attention to how you attack with the pick. Hold the pick a little closer to your thumb. As soon as the note is picked, you want to gently mute it with the side of your thumb.

If you hit the right spot, you should hear an overtone in addition to the fretted note. If you're having trouble, then be sure you're using your bridge pickup and a little distortion. Check out players like Zakk Wylde to hear this guitar lead technique in action.

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