A Few Tips On Cleaning and Maintenance of Grease Trap

Do you have a dirty grease trap and you don’t know how to clean them then you must read this article as this will help you in getting all the required information on cleaning and maintenance of the sinking grease trap.

You need to keep a check on the level of grease in your trap. You can easily do this by using a piece of wooden dowel, all you have to do is put the dowel in the trap and check how high the level of grease is. But if there’s a clog then probably you’ll need to contact a professional Grease trap cleaning service, you can find the best services from the web.

After the first step is done you need to eradicate any still water in the trap. Collect the water into a separate container and once you are done with the cleaning you can pour back.

After you’re done with taking out the water you need to take out the waste. You can take out the waste with the help of a deep container like a mug or so.

Once this step is completed, you need to scrape down the stubborn oil and grease from the sides. If you feel this is going to be difficult, do not hesitate to call the professionals as they’ll clean your trap and make it look like a new one.

A Few Tips On Cleaning and Maintenance of Grease Trap by
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