A Few Simple Tips To Keep Your Pantry Closet Organized

If your pantry closet resembles a food museum, it's time to take a stock of what you've got and keep track of what you have. Here's how: 

  • Alphabetize your spices from allspice, celery seed, and cinnamon right on through to thyme and turmeric. You'll be able to retrieve the desired spice in the time it takes to say A, B, C – and you'll be able to spot missing spices quickly.  

  • Store envelopes of gravies, sauce mixes, and soups in an empty child's shoebox on a shelf in your pantry closet. Envelopes stay upright, are easy to read, and don't get buried in the bottom of your closet. 

  • Group like ingredients together. Bake often? Then keep the baking powder, baking soda, flour, sugar, and brown sugar all together on the shelf. If Mexican food happens to be a frequent house specialty, you may want to gather your most-used ingredients – chili powder, cumin, taco shells, hot sauce- in one place.  

  • Keep a shelf-by-shelf list of what's in a cabinet tacked to the inside of the cabinet door. 

  • Or paint the inside of your kitchen cabinets with blackboard paint. Then use chalk to list the items you need to replace. This list will help you compile your weekly grocery shopping list.  

 Mr Neaten loves simple tips, like the ones listed above, to help declutter his life.

A Few Simple Tips To Keep Your Pantry Closet Organized by
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