5 Top Things to Do in Bhutan

Are you packing your bag for a trip to Bhutan? To know what Bhutan truly is here are the top things that you must do. Missing even one of these will not let you have the real taste of Bhutan. Just hop over websites like www.bhutancuratedtravels.com.au and book your tickets now to have the best ever travelling experince.So, without much ado, let us look into the list:

Hiking all the Way to Tiger Nest Monastery

The Tiger Nest Monastery is 900 meters from the Paro valley. The 8 km hike to the monastery will let you enjoy the lively panorama and the freezing winds.

Breathtaking View of Himalayas

Want to get a view of the majestic range of Himalaya? Go for a long hiking or walk down the various monasteries. Even a drive on the high passes will let you explore the Himalayan beauty.

Travel around the Dzongs and Goembas

Go spiritually high by visiting the Dzongs and Goembas. The Fort/Fortress are called Dzongs and Monasteries are known as the Goembas. Punakha, Trongsa, Taktsung Palphug is some of the monasteries that you must visit at least once.

Get Adventurous

Bhutan is the best place to get an adrenaline rush. Go for Rock-Climbing, Rafting, Kayaking, Cycling, and Fishing. These activities will energize you and will show you a better side of life.

Celebrate with the Bhutanese Citizens

Mingle around with the locals and know the real Bhutanese life. Paro Tsechu and Thimpu Tsechu are some of the most celebrated festivals of Bhutan.

So, if you are in Bhutan, dont miss any of these opportunities!

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