5 Features All Promotional Bottles Should Have

Promotional items have a main purpose to fulfill: to promote. So, the more the number of benefits, the more the probability of the recipient to use it and remember your brand. Here are some amazing features that should be in your promotional bottles if you really want the strategy to be successful.

Dishwasher safe

This adds a lot of convenience. Bottles that need to be washes manually will soon lose their appeal. Nobody wants to come back home and then wash the bottle to reuse it tomorrow. So play smart and make the bottle dishwasher safe.


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The bottle should not allow any odor to enter the bottle. This will ensure that the water is odorless and consumable at all times. Moreover, this will also increase the utility of these promotional water bottles. People can put in other beverages without the fear of their odor sticking around forever.

Stain proof

Yes, it really is a thing. If the bottle is stain proof, its usability automatically increases.


The bottle should be made of a material that is resistant to breakage. So, glass would of course not be a good idea. Plastic and metal are better options.

Aesthetically pleasing

The bottle of course has to be appealing to your target market. So if you are catering to your corporate clients, you want to go with somber colors to make sure that they use it at the office as well as home. On the other hand, if your target is the younger lot, you can go as funky as you like.

These unique features should help you promote your promotional bottles better than others.

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